Step 1: Let Us Know You’re Interested

Fill out the Go Form and we’ll connect you with a mission coach who will talk to you about your calling, ministry experience, church relationship, and what it’s like to serve with us.


Step 2: Application

Once we know that WorldVenture is the best fit for you, and vice versa, you can begin the formal application process. Your mission coach can further explain to you what all the different pieces of the puzzle are.


Step 3: Come to Colorado

Once your application is tentatively approved, you’ll come to Littleton for a formal interview with our Candidate Interview Committee, who will further assess your readiness to serve overseas in partnership with us. *Certain service categories do not require an in-person interview.


Step 4: Once You’re In

Welcome to the family! All of your pre-field training and support raising begins at this point. This is easily the most challenging, yet most rewarding, season for many Appointees. We’ll train you and walk with you through every phase of preparation needed for the big transition.


Step 5: Pack Your Bags!

Though it’s a long road, and you’re just setting out, the day does come when you’re fully funded and ready to go. Finally, you are on your way to the place, people, culture, or country that you felt called to way back at the top of this page when you clicked Join Us.