Who is WorldVenture?

WorldVenture is a Christian missionary sending agency. We are a family of believers, colleagues, and friends living out our faith and calling everyone who will listen to follow Jesus Christ with us.

Our people serve in 60+ countries working in the arts, media, business, education, family and medicine, church outreach, science and agriculture, and government. We exist to see people of all nations transformed by Jesus Christ in partnership with his church. Explore our passion.

We are a family of believers working to proclaim the gospel and make disciples of Jesus Christ among the unengaged, unreached, unchurched, and unwanted peoples of the world.

Missionary Testimonies


Rob Karch

“The benefits and services of WorldVenture are great, but those things weren’t the reason I joined. I found here a group of people willing to put everything on the line for the gospel. They believed as strongly as I believed. And I wanted to be with them.”


Phil & Mimi Bjorklund

“The advantage of being able to reach out and discuss ministry and family needs with those able to guide and help us has been a forte of our life with WorldVenture.”


Ken Taylor

“WorldVenture is my family. When it comes to effective ministry, the people with whom you associate can either hinder or unleash you to do God’s call and purpose for your life. WorldVenture is a praying, caring, equipping, innovative, and Gospel-centered family.”