Our central calling and passion at WorldVenture
is sending and supporting cross-cultural servants of Christ.


We meet your calling with our experienced coaching.

The challenge of serving God overseas requires deep thought and counsel. Add to that the global realities for an American living abroad, the difficulties of relocation, and personal readiness for the task, and the value of connecting with people who have been sending and supporting missionaries for more than 70 years becomes clear.

We provide mobilizers across the United States, who will talk with you about your life and calling. Our goal is not just to recruit, but to help God’s people discover their callings.


Few people have the experience or skill to be a modern missionary.

In our experience in sending missionaries, missionary development comes in different stages. Because of this, we have developed specific trainings to match the skills and knowledge necessary for those areas. We offer training and coaching for partner development, since raising support is a daunting task for most. We offer communications and marketing training, as well as language and cultural acquisition training. In addition, we offer pre-departure training that focuses on your emotional well-being as you prepare to leave the country, say goodbye to family, and enter a new culture.


Transplanting to a foreign culture involves more than buying a plane ticket.

One of the assets for going with an organization like ours is the benefit of our logistical experience. We assist you with travel arrangements, temporary arrival housing through our current field teams, child education arrangements, and first-term language learning.

One key service is our financial personnel, who provide tax assistance, wire transfers, and custom financial distribution of both salary and ministry funds. Meanwhile, our medical team administrates an international medical plan that functions in any WorldVenture location.


There’s a difference between staying on the field, and staying on the field healthy.

We prioritize the holistic health of our missionaries. Our mature member care strategy includes professional staff counselors, spiritual renewal conferences, and directors who make on-site visits to interact directly with our missionaries.

In addition to the mundane, we prepare for the surprising. We have crisis management experts, comprehensive evacuation plans for unstable countries, and help in managing donors and churches.