We are a community of passionate Jesus-followers.

The Intangible

One of the most intangible aspects of joining a mission organization is the family experience. Not only does this include our exceptional care of your personal family, but also the opportunity to be a part of a greater family, linked to a calling that is greater than any one family unit.

Worldventure is a network of passionate people joined together to see the Great Commission fulfilled. Out of this comes life-long friendships with colleagues and co-laborers. In addition to the close relationships support networks produce, our missionaries experience a unique, close-knit community.

Hear it from our Missionaries


Phil & Mimi Bjorklund

“The advantage of being able to reach out and discuss ministry and family needs with those able to guide and help us has been a forte of our life with WorldVenture.”


Ken Taylor

“WorldVenture is my family. When it comes to effective ministry, the people with whom you associate can either hinder or unleash you to do God’s call and purpose for your life. WorldVenture is a praying, caring, equipping, innovative, and Gospel-centered family.”