Journey Corps

Journey Corps is a 1-2 year ministry training program for young adults that seeks to build the global church and develop the Journeyer. Discover how to be an intentional, globally-focused believer as you come alongside national church and ministry efforts, learning what long-term ministry really looks like.

Program Distinctives:

Biblical Community

Living and working with other Journeyers, missionaries, and nationals, together as the body of Christ.

Context-Specific Education

Participating in language and cultural courses, taught throughout the year by WorldVenture missionaries and national leaders.

Freedom to Explore

Exploring diverse ministry opportunities to discover God-given gifts and skills that can be used for the Kingdom.

Building Relationships

Investing time and effort into lasting and transformative relationships.

Direction and Mentoring

Learning from and being led by experienced WorldVenture missionaries who have lived and worked cross-culturally for years.

Incarnational Ministry

Being challenged to see the world with a Kingdom perspective and live out the Gospel in a culturally relevant way.

Current Opportunities:


Cote d’Ivoire






The Philippines

Want to go somewhere else?

Don’t see what you’re looking for? During the coaching process, we can help determine which location is the best fit for you, or if there might be another WorldVenture field that could be a possibility. To get that process started, simply fill out the “Go” form below!