Pass This Gift On

We need you to keep this DVD moving. Please don’t just watch it and then put it on your shelf! Who do you know that would benefit from the challenging question of “Is Jesus Worth It?” as told through the Ripken’s story? Consider showing it to your small group as well!

Commit to Pray

We need your help. Ask God to watch over those missionaries working in the least-reached areas of the world. Pray for those who are hearing the Gospel for the very first time, that God would soften their hearts and open their ears and eyes to Jesus. And pray for those who are persecuting Christians, that even they would come to know the saving grace and love of Jesus for themselves, and turn from their evil ways.

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Consider Going

This is where things get uncomfortable. Is God putting a people group or place on your heart? Maybe one that is extremely dangerous and difficult to get to? If that is you, we would love to talk. Let us help you think through the logistics, and encourage you to act on the call that God is placing on your life. There are billions who have yet to hear the good news about Jesus; will you lay down your life and go to them?

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