Children and Families

Child Psychologist

We desire that the people of Uganda become well-educated and contributing citizens of integrity, godly family members, and globally-focused church leaders, in order to impact all sectors of society and the world for the glory of God. This will be realized through academic, vocational, and spiritual training of excellence. Your role could be through helping children in need of improved mental health and training others in child psychology and related fields and ministries. Work with mentally ill children in Uganda through working with the Butabika Mental Hospital outside Kampala.  Read More

Family Consultant

Concerning the risks for children being trafficked in Myanmar, the cultural norm to send children away for work or education, and the misunderstanding of the effectiveness of "orphanages," families in Myanmar must be coached and discipled on God's passion and priority for kids and the family. There is a need for someone to coach other teachers, ministry leaders, pastors, and local Buddhist and Christian families to creatively disciple kids in the context of the home.  Read More


The staff at SCH seek to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the women and children of an unreached people group. Quality medical care is scarce in this rural area. Opportunities to share our faith with patients and their families are abundant. Patients often ask for prayer. More providers are needed in order to take full advantage of the opportunities available. The needs are great, but the laborers are few. Come, join us, have a part in what God is doing in this area of the world!!  Read More