Streamlined Giving

Streamlined Giving

Convenient, safe and secure, WorldVenture Streamlined Giving is the easiest and most economical way to support a missionary. Because it costs less to process a gift using Streamlined Giving, more of your gift goes to support God’s work.

Most of the financial support given to WorldVenture missionaries, special projects and for general use is sent on a monthly basis. Many people who faithfully mail in their checks to WorldVenture every month have asked us whether their contributions can be automatically deducted from their bank accounts. In response to their requests we have made that possible. Through WorldVenture’s Streamlined Giving program you can save the time and trouble of writing checks, paying for stamps and mailing your gift on time month after month. Best of all, because it costs WorldVenture less to process a “streamlined” gift, more of your gift goes to support the ministries.

Streamlined Giving is a free service and it is designed to keep you in control. At any time, by simply giving us written notice, you may change your donation amount, change bank accounts, or choose to stop having your gifts processed using Streamlined Giving. By participating in Streamlined Giving you will save money, save time and save worry. Your gifts will always be received safely and promptly. And, as always, each donation will be acknowledged by a receipt. To enroll in the Streamlined Giving program, just three simple steps are required:

Download and print the Streamlined Giving Authorization Form, then complete the form, including the amount you want to contribute each month.

Send us one of your checks marked “VOID” along with the completed authorization form. The check will provide us with the necessary banking information. Note: please do not send a deposit slip in lieu of a voided check.

Mail the authorization form and the voided check to:

WorldVenture, 20 Inverness Pl E, Englewood, CO 80112-5622
Please contact us with any questions at 720-283-2000.