Costs of Going


Mission work costs more than you think.

WorldVenture is a “faith ministry” where workers rely on God’s provision through friends, family, and churches to meet their financial needs. When you join WorldVenture, you raise personal and ministry support to cover your salary and expenses through your network of relationships.

What is included in a missionary package?

For most locations outside America, cars cost more and break down faster. For expenses like transportation we can expect, WorldVenture’s philosophy is to set aside funds as a regular part of the package. That way, it’s easy to cover the natural replacement cycle.

Housing expenses vary widely around the globe, from expensive Europe to rural Africa. Our team expertly evaluates the costs of living in different areas, and calculates the estimated amount a missionary will need to live and work.

Many locations in the world present some of the worst medical risks, and this is where our experience pays off. We combine internal medical plans, contracted evacuation insurance, and other services to put together a medical package to cover all situations a missionary might experience in the field. We know how to find appropriate care for sick missionaries and when to evacuate when necessary, making it possible for most missionaries to return after the crisis has passed.

Salary is an important part of a missionary’s package. Dividing ministry funds from personal funds is part of the accountability WorldVenture provides supporters. It is also important, from our point of view, to give the missionary full discretion over living expenses, so they can prioritize decisions themselves.

We value your education and your children’s education. Because we want you to achieve your full potential, we offer an education assignment as an option for missionaries to complete additional degrees. We also encourage missionaries to save for their children’s college.

When it comes to retirement, WorldVenture believes supporters and supporting churches should naturally finish their commitment when missionaries finish their service. That’s why we build retirement into the whole package, so that missionaries automatically have provisions set once their career is over.

A Common Mistake

If a missionary is going to a place where people live on a few dollars per day, many people think the missionary should be able to do the same. We wish that were true. Actually, in many desperately poor places, effective ministry can cost more than it does here in the United States.

For example, in Mozambique, if missionaries want to own a car, they pay twice as much as in the United States, due to tariffs and import taxes. Gas costs 10 to 15 dollars per gallon, and if the car breaks (which is likely because of poor road conditions), the missionaries would have to pay exaggerated prices for parts imported from South Africa.

The cost of serving with WorldVenture varies significantly depending on marital status, family size, length of service, and costs of living. We provide a complete explanation of our financial policies during the inquiry process.