We partner with the U.S. church to impact the world.

God calls. Churches send. We help make it happen.

We believe it is the church who sends, just as the early church sent “some of their own men” (Paul and Barnabas) in Acts 13. Our specialized services simply assist the church in doing the same thing today. WorldVenture has over 73 years of experience in language and cultural acquisition, support raising, international finance management, health plans, travel, foreign housing assistance, and much more.

We don’t just keep this expertise to ourselves though. We love equipping churches with resources so that more workers will be sent out (effectively) into the harvest fields. Below are some of the ways we can help you mobilize your church to join in the work of taking the gospel to the nations.

  Establishing Mobilization Partnerships

Our Church Mobilization team would love to talk through potential next steps your church can take to deepen the missions awareness of your congregation, as well as helpful next steps to mobilize people from your church in their call to missions.

  Speaking & Pulpit Fill by WorldVenture Missionaries and Leadership

Though we’re not able to accommodate all requests, we love any chance we get to share the story of how God is at work, and invite people to join in! Contact us via the email link below to see who might be available to speak at your church or event.

  Skills, Knowledge, Character

This handbook lays out what a church-based approach to missionary candidate preparation can look like. It is a great tool on its own, but can be even more effective when we walk through it together to help your church and missions committee create and manage a candidate pipeline from your own congregation.

  Topical Training

Periodically, we host training events in various locales in which we cover ministry philosophy, church planting philosophy, and much more. Please inquire via the email link below to see what events are planned in your area. Additionally, we’ll be hosting a series of webinars very soon on various mission-oriented topics.

  Mission Influencers Conference

Several times a year we host a retreat specifically for church mission leaders. These events provide a chance to connect with individuals from other churches who are serving in the same role. We spend two days exploring best practices in missions and brainstorm how to create sending cultures in our churches.

  Church Missions Consulting

Our consultants are available to work closely with your church in the area of missions. Consulting services include: an online diagnostic tool; an in-person, in-depth missions assessment (including a suggested “road map” for the next 18 to 24 months); trouble shooting for specific challenges; individualized coaching for missions pastors and missions teams; and mission-focused cohorts. Contact us for more information!