New Church Planting

Catalyzing the first generation of believers.

Our first burden is to go where the church is not and act as a catalyst for new growth. In this environment, our workers evangelize, disciple, and help form churches, kickstarting the first generation of believers in that location or people group.

  Leadership Training

Training nationals to lead their own people.

After evangelism and first-generation discipleship, the next step is leadership development. Our missionaries take formal and informal theological education to run Bible schools and seminaries so that national leaders can learn more about biblical leadership.

  Resourcing and Encouraging Networks

Supporting the initiative of the national church.

As the national church grows in strength and maturity, we continue to step back and respond in support of their leadership initiatives. Occasionally, this means financial help, but often this means mentoring leaders and fulfilling support roles.

  Missions Mobilization

Encouraging missionary sending of the national church.

The end of missions is missions. After almost 75 years, we have seen this come full circle, where churches in the Philippines and Brazil, for example, are now sending and supporting missionaries.