Field Leadership

Vision and decisions from the field

One of the biggest questions a person should be asking when investigating which mission agency they should go with is “How does decision making happen?” Nobody likes to be micromanaged. Does the mission give you the freedom to pursue the calling God has put on you? These are major questions that influence day-to-day life on the mission field.

  Global Leadership

Vision and leadership from headquarters.

Our home office works hard at a macro level to provide oversight and steering for the mission as a whole. One example of this is our yearly collection of field strategies, which defines the next steps the field team needs to take. From this field-driven strategy, our home office derives things needed to accomplish those goals. Sometimes this strategy requires more staff for that field and the home office then begins mobilizing to find people to fit. Our opportunity listing comes from this field-based strategy.

  Mutual Leadership

We enjoy (we believe) the best balance of leadership at WorldVenture, through holding in tension a field-driven ministry model and a centralized oversight and development ministry model. It’s not always a perfect balance, but we work hard trying to make it so.