The Main Idea

We’ve heard it said that if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together. That’s the main idea behind our long-term teams.

Traditional mission teams form on the field over time, comprised of individuals sent there from all over. With our long-term team model, a team is formed out of a church that wants to send. Your church can bring together and send a team of long-term workers to the field together to make a huge difference in the world.

When a team listens to the calling of the Lord and walks together in purpose and humility, it sends a powerful message of how the gospel forms healthy relationships.

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The Details

How It Starts: A long-term team is born when a church in the U.S. desires to send and identifies members from its own congregation with a vision for missions.

How It Builds: With team members identified and committed, a sense of community forms within the team as they meet together regularly — serving, learning, praying, and doing life together.

Our Role: When the team is ready to move toward appointment and deployment, WorldVenture guides team members through the application process which includes necessary screenings and testing. The team’s pastor is invited to participate when we conduct interviews with the candidates. Church leaders will be asked to come to Denver to meet with WorldVenture leaders to clarify expectations and make sure there’s alignment in our values and philosophy of ministry. A customized partnership agreement will be drawn up, specifying each party’s responsibilities and a strategy for communication between the church, the team, and WorldVenture.

Preparation: Once the team is appointed, they raise their support and complete necessary trainings. A vision trip for the team to the intended field will be required.

Deployment: Once the support has come in and training has been completed, the team departs for the field.

Contact Us

Long-term teams are complicated, messy, and have the potential to absolutely change the world. We desire to walk the journey of partnership with you as the church. If you’re interested in exploring the idea of sending a long-term team with WorldVenture, please contact us!

JJ Harling, National Director of Church Mobilization