Social Work

Addiction Recovery Counselor

Train local Christians to host recovery groups. Support other project goals as well.  Read More

Biblical Counselor

Someone with valid counseling credential in the US willing to pursue a valid credential in Ireland and able to offer counseling services in marriage, depression, etc. This person could very easily fill time in many areas in the West of the country, but would most likely be based in Galway.  Read More

Community Health Worker

Use your skills and abilities in Community Health to reach out to the Maninka in Guinea.  Read More

Missionary Care Counselor

We are seeking a trained counselor or psychologist to work with the Taiwan Missionary Fellowship and the Center for Counseling and Growth in Taichung. With the many stresses of third culture living, there is often a need for skilled counseling and wisdom to assist members of the missionary community.  Read More

Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapists are needed to minister in Mongolia. Be a part of impacting the lives of children and their families.  Read More