Vision Trip

Vision Trip

The vision trip is arranged for individuals or groups and is designed for those seriously considering a long-term overseas work among people where Islam is the predominant religion after having finished college or seminary education. The trip will expose participants to life in Turkey, various ministries among the people, and a bit of the lands ancient history.  Read More

Vision Trip

Observe and gain an understanding of the ministry options available in Guinea.  Read More

Vision Trip to Restoration Ministries

Experience the work that Restoration Ministries is doing in the poor areas of Sao Paulo. Accompany the RM staff in their weekly visits to the homes of children and assist in the weekly VBS activities. On weekends help at the camps for children or attend the church that is connected with the ministry. This trip would allow the worker to make an informed decision about future ministry with Restoration Ministries.  Read More

Vision Trip to Rwanda

Explore long-term ministry through visiting, asking questions, praying and learning about ministry.  Read More