Business Startups and Development

Anti-Trafficking Business Opportunity

Join Freeset Business Incubator ( to ensure justice for the poor and oppressed through business. Freeset Business Incubator facilitates the planting and development of freedom businesses to regenerate and build vibrant communities with the ability to confront poverty and trafficking. Our vision is to create at least 10,000 jobs. It is about freedom – freedom for village girls at risk and freedom for girls who have been trafficked. Opportunities exist to partner with your current business or for volunteers to come and join the work. Opportunities also available to spend 3 weeks in country to understand the issues and vison, on the 'Freedom Encounter.' Further opportunities for developing skills and experience over a 1-year period on the 'Freedom Exposure' to prepare yourself for a business leadership role.  Read More

Business Development Facilitator

Use your interest and experience in business to reach the people of Mongolia.  Read More

Business Entrepreneur

Unemployment rates are very high in Northern Uganda, so there is a great need for job creation. We are looking for someone who can start up small businesses, while training young local entrepreneurs. Discipleship will be integrated as the young entrepreneurs learn Christian business principles as they observe and participate in growing the businesses. Several small enterprises have already been started by expats up in Gulu, including a restaurant, a guest house, a solar company, and a yogurt factory, and most of them are run successfully now by local entrepreneurs. Training in general business principles is also a great need in the community, so there is an opportunity to conduct trainings as well.  Read More

Business Person

Come be a light for Christ in Central Asia. Either start a business or engage in business according to your degree. Learn the language. Engage in building community and relationships.  Read More

Car Mechanic

There are very few (if any) quality mechanics up in Gulu, so most of the expats try to get any maintenance work done in Kampala. As Gulu continues to grow, more and more cars will be on the streets, so starting up a mechanic shop would be good business/ministry opportunity. There is a strong need for skill training for young men which can be combined with discipleship. Since unemployment rates are very high, a shop can provide jobs, while it also provides an opportunity for spiritual growth. Hope Alive!, a WorldVenture child sponsorship ministry, is planning to start a vocational school in the Gulu area, so there will also be an opportunity to teach young adults at the school.  Read More

Community Developer

WorldVenture in upper Guinea, West Africa is seeking to transform society through a multifaceted approach with each facet aimed at evangelism and impacting a strategic area of society. This opportunity seeks to assist local pastors and key nationals and their small congregations improve and see people come to Christ.  Read More

Micro Finance Project Coordinator

Provide overall leadership and supervision to the development and implementation of micro finance projects among Filipinos. Note: This opportunity is not available from January 2019 - July 2020.  Read More

The Edge Guest House Manager

To support and facilitate local ministries and cross-cultural missions by maintaining a ministry center dedicated to the unity of the Church and growth of God’s kingdom. To see others grown in their biblical knowledge and passion for God, embrace the abundant life they were freed to live through Jesus and increase the eternal impact believers have on the local community and beyond. The dream is to be a mobilizing agent with the provision of a well-maintained and fully equipped ministry center, resources and training.  Read More

Tourism Specialist

Be part of a unique way to minister in Mongolia. Work in a tourism business and make new contacts.  Read More