Business Coaching

Business - Economics Professor

In northern Ivory Coast less than 1% of the people are believers. Join WorldVenture and the national church reach out to the population through Business and Eonomics.  Read More

Business Consultant

Advise local business startups as a means to build redemptive relationships with unreached urban people in Myanmar.  Read More

Business or Skill Coaching

The last 20 years of ministry in Uganda has produced almost 2000 Baptist Churches. However, the Church remains a mile wide and an inch deep. To meet this challenge professionals need to integrate work with discipleship. Intro The Internship in Discipleship and The Ideas Workshop. High school graduates are trained in metal fabrication and carpentry in The Ideas Workshop which is owned and operated by The Internship in Discipleship. Your opportunity is to aid in the development, training and management of The Ideas Workshop and or the development and management of a NGO platform to own and operate The Ideas Workshop and other potential BAM projects in Uganda.  Read More

Micro Finance, Micro Credit Specialist

Investigate and/or create new opportunities for business ventures through Micro d/credit loans.  Read More