Business Administration

Administrative Assistant

Perform administrative and office support for executive management under the leadership of the Director of The Well. This is a volunteer position.  Read More

Agro Business Specialist

Use your skills in business and knowledge in agriculture to manage agro business ventures.  Read More

Associate Director of The Well International

This position exists to provide administrative leadership in directing daily operations to fulfill the mission of The Well International.  Read More

Field Office Supervisor and Treasurer

Be a part of the Madagascar team through your administrative and financial skills. This position is needed beginning in 2016 or 2017, as the current supervisor will be retiring and a person to carry on the work is needed.  Read More

Guest House Manager

Use gifts of hospitality to serve missionaries and teams passing through Bamako. This is an opportunity to participate in ministries going on in West Africa. As the guest house only requires part-time work a person is free to exercise their gifts and passions in other ministries in Bamako (i.e. University student outreach, teaching English, working with street children, etc.).  Read More

JCS International Executive Director

JCS (Joint Christian Services) Vision: to see Mongolians Building and Restoring Families, Churches and Communities Over the last 8 years JCS has seen a shift from working through relief projects toward the development and support of Mongolians in leadership. We would therefore want a new Executive Director to be sensitive to good ways of supporting Mongolians and the national organizations they lead. This would also include seeing more Mongolian involvement in JCS leader-ship and strategic development  Read More

Mission Administrator

We need someone who can oversee office and accounting along with other work that would free up others for their ministry.  Read More

Personnel Manager

Manage both staff and employees at Joint Christian Services (JCS).  Read More