International Schools

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Black Forest Academy

Black Forest Academy (BFA) provides a quality, international Christian education that equips its students to influence their world through biblical thought, character, and action. BFA was founded in 1956 by TeachBeyond,, formerly Janz Team Ministries. It is an international Christian school providing an English language education for grades 5-12. Grades 1-4 are part of a bilingual school, Christliche Schule Kandern. BFA serves the children of international Christian workers and international business families who want a North American curriculum that incorporates a Christian worldview. BFA has an enrollment of approximately 320 students, with about 50% of the 7th-12th grade students in the residential boarding program.  Read More

Dakar Academy

Darkar Academy is a college preparatory and missionary boarding school in the capital of Senegal. With about 150 students, Dakar Academy is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International and is the only accredited boarding program in Africa. The United World Mission founded the program in 1961. Missionary kids make up approximately 76 percent of the student body, and about 35 students live in boarding homes on campus. One of the school's primary goals is to cultivate a Christian worldview among its students, challenging students intellectually as well as spiritually.  Read More

Faith Academy

Faith Academy is a K-12 International Christian school. We are committed to equipping our students to be Christ-like, life-long learners by providing a dynamic, relevant education. The school has two campuses; one located in the Antipolo/Cainta area and the second campus is situated in Davao. Over 20 nationalities are represented in our student body. If you want a progressive, well-rounded education for your child, consider Faith Academy. We have an excellent curriculum with small class sizes. Most of our students go on to higher education somewhere around the world.  Read More

Grace International School

Located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Grace International School was created to provide a high quality Christian education for the children of international workers located in Southeast Asia. Our primary goal at GIS is to allow these families to continue to work in their fields without having to compromise the education of their children. In addition to offering a traditional Christian day-school experience, we are committed to providing additional services to support both students with special needs and homeschooling families. We offer a strong education where biblical truth permeates all subjects and programs. Our staff seeks to demonstrate how diverse subjects inter-relate so that GIS students can apply knowledge and skills to all areas of life and live out their Christian faith. Ultimately, we aim to cultivate students of Christ-like character and values who will transform their world. The Non-Thai faculty and staff at GIS have a strong faith in Jesus Christ and serve at Grace by raising their own support in order to keep tuition costs affordable. The result is a dedicated team committed to providing students with an outstanding education from a Christian perspective.  Read More

IGSL (International Graduate School of Leadership)

The International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL) is an accredited, graduate-level school in Manila, Philippines with a mission to help build leaders for movements of transformation in Asia and other parts of the world. IGSL enables and equips people to grow in knowledge, character, and skills through its well-balanced curriculum and its faculty mentors. The campus hosts a colorful multinational community that serves as a caring family to those who come from many parts of the world. WorldVenture members serve at IGSL to purposefully reach out to bring Christ’s message and model of transforming leadership to the Church of Jesus Christ and other sectors of society.  Read More