6418-909-Sudan Development

Christians in Sudan are moving ahead in developing educational, health and agricultural infrastructure in the south and planting churches in the north and south of Sudan. The Program for Theological Education by Extension is focused on providing leadership education on location. PTEE seeks to build an education extension center in Al Renk, Sudan. Funds from this project will help with expenses for a vision trip to Sudan in preparation for building.

The Program for Theological Education by Extension is engaged in church leader education. Our promise is to provide leadership education on location wherever people live in the Arab world.

Consultative/training visits will be for meeting with the Sudanese PTEE leaders in order to survey the needs in greater depth, develop a strategic plan, train new tutors, and transfer registrar technology to the PTEE Sudan National Committee.

Vision trip costs include:
--Planning and implementation by one person ($3,500)
--Air tickets to USA, Sudan, and inside Sudan ($2,500)
--Accommodations and ground transportation ($1,000)
Advanced education costs include:
--Travel to Uganda for Sudanese student ($650 each semester with two semesters per year)
--Accommodations ($250 per semester)
--Tuition ($500 per semester)
Consultative and Training Visits costs include:
--For one person travel to Sudan ($600)
--Visa ($300)
--Travel inside Sudan ($600)
--Food and lodging for 10 days ($2,000)
--Communication ($300)
Southern Ministry Center costs include:
--Feasibility Plan ($25,000)
--Consultants fee, food, and accommodations for a planning team



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