Darien Road

There is an ongoing migration of people from countries all over the 10/40 window through South America all the way up to the United States and Canada. Currently, they y to Brazil or Ecuador and travel by land all the way up through Latin America.
The most difficult part of the journey is through the Darien Gap which is a lawless area between Columbia and Panama which is almost completely undeveloped and infested with drug/ people traffickers, armed rebel groups, venomous snakes, treacherous mountain ranges ect. Many are injured, robbed or so worn down that they cannot continue on the journey.
Those who are able to make it through are likely picked up and detained by the border police after their 8 day journey through the jungle. Some are only detained for days or weeks, but those from Muslim countries are often detained for many months. Provisions for these people are scarce to none as the panamanian border police are very limited in resources and therefore cannot provide for these people. Thus they suffer a broad range of trials during their detention. These needs include but are not limited to: medical, psychological, clothing, food, financial, social.



Panama, Central America

The Problem
These refugees come from all over the 10/40 window. They have left everything, and travelled thousands of miles at great cost with great risks, all in hope of finding hope and peace. They face the unknown because they believe that whatever the unknown might be, it has to be better than their present reality.
By the time they have reached the area in the Darien where we nd them, they are absolutely physically, mentally and often financially exhausted. Many of them have open wounds on their feet and legs where their boots or shoes have worn through their skin by the 8 day jungle hike. All of them are crawling with parasites both internally and on their skin. Some have broken legs and sprained ankles from the journey. Most of them have watched some of their friends die on the journey and left their unburied corpse on the jungle floor to continue their journey. Many have been robbed at gunpoint and arrive with literally nothing but the clothes on their back. Every one of them need medical attention and at least medicine for parasites.
The Panamanian border police have very little food to provide to these people. In fact, they often have very little provisions for themselves and they often end up having to share their rations with the refugees. Often this consists of white rice and nothing more.
These people are often detained for months and have nothing to do. This is a great time to give them Bibles in their heart language because they are very likely to read it while they are waiting.

Our Strategy
We intend to be with these people in their hour of need in the name of Jesus. Many people treat them as problems and not people. By ministering to some of their physical needs we also get an opportunity to sit with them, visit with them, hear their story, show them compassion,and share the gospel with them.
Some of the ways that we intend to show them the love of Christ are: providing Bibles in their heart language, showing the Jesus Film in their heart language, offering Bible Studies/surveys, organising short term visits to bring doctors, dentists, psychologists, music, dramas, construction, prayer, English lessons, ect.