6416-906-Bethesda Hospital Equipment

Medical equipment is expensive and needs ongoing maintenance and periodic replacement. Funds will be collected in this account and disbursed as new projects are identified and published.



Indonesia, South-Eastern Asia

The Problem
The hospital serves the people of the remote jungles of West Kalimantan – most are from the Dayak tribe of natives. Many of these villagers have neither money nor access to healthcare due to the remoteness of the area and widespread poverty.

Our Vision
This will advance WorldVenture's purposes of demonstrating compassion and cultivating international partnerships.

Our Strategy
We are able to give about $200 per month to the hospital dorcas fund. This money is used to pay the bills of our disadvantaged patients. Also, we are currently in the process of starting a new microbiology lab at the hospital. We will use part of these funds to help pay for some of the initial costs involved in getting the lab up and running.

Things Needed for Success
An average surgery costs around $100. Quite cheap by American standards but very expensive for the poor.