Acacia International School Land

Acacia International School (AIS) currently operates from two small and rented campuses in Kampala. This project is to assist the ministry and mission of AIS in purchasing land for a permanent site for the school.



Uganda, Eastern Africa

The Problem
It isn’t unusual for a classroom of 20 children at AIS to come from 10 different countries and multiple religious backgrounds. A class taught by one WorldVenture missionary had kids from Buddhist, Muslims Atheist and Christian backgrounds! As a distinctly Christian school, this teacher clearly and repeatedly shared the Gospel and love of Christ with these students, laying the foundation for them to understand their need for salvation and Christ’s loving offer to them.
This school provides excellent academics, providing a significant educational opportunities for mks to get the training their parents long for their kids.
The need for land and a permanent home for the growing 5-year old school is high. An excellent 40-acre piece of land on Lake Victoria and right off a major highway has been offered to Acacia for about 1/3 of the cost per acre of the neighboring parcels. This land and location would greatly increase the number of missionary kids because of its ideal location near several ministry offices and excellent road access.

Our Vision
This Christian school is a venue of first exposure to Christianity for many children and their families, as well as a place of education and discipleship for many Christian children. Acacia's mission is to educate and inspire student leaders for Christ.

Our Strategy
Parents and well-wishers of the school are encouraged to participate, and members of the multiple mission agencies that provide staff and students to the school (WorldVenture, AIM, MAF, EMI and others) participate in this. Donors and foundations that are particularly interested in Christian international education are being approached as well.

Things Needed for Success
We need $1,000,000 to purchase a 40 acre site in Kampala, Uganda.

Other costs related to the purchase of the land, fencing, future building, etc, are not part of this special project.