6497-908-The Love Foundation-A Children's Charity Home

The children's charity home provides a safe and clean place for orphaned children in Nkwanta to live. The home also provides the children with food, clothing, shoes, shelter, schooling, medical care, toys, sports programs, crafts and other extracurricular activities. The orphanage is distinctly Christian and is staffed by Christians who provide biblical instruction daily.



Ghana, Western Africa

The Problem
The orphanage meets the needs of children in Nkwanta who do not have parents or whose families are unable to care for them. The current facility houses 15 orphans.

Our Vision
Donations will ensure that the children's school fees are paid in order to empower them toward a better future.

Our Strategy
Medical care is provided for the children along with all other basic life necessities. As a part of the orphanage's partner development strategies, opportunities are given for donors to come to Ghana and work with the children to make a direct impact on their lives.

Things Needed for Success
Contributions provide basic life needs as well as funds for improvements to the structure, tools, equipment and furniture. A year sponsorship for one child costs $713.90, including food, school fees, health insurance, school uniforms, first aid, and textbooks.