6486-903-Church Planting

In a country not open to traditional Western missionaries, this fund seeks to assist nationals in Nepal with sharing the gospel with fellow Asians. From their base in the Philippines, WorldVenture seeks to encourage nationals in Nepal with their church planting efforts. Funds from this project will be used to support a church planter and his ministry focused on establishing a self-supporting church.

Now with the new law passed May 2006 that declared Nepal to be a secular state, there is a new window of opportunity for new church planting. A national leader returned to Nepal after finishing his ThM degree and plans to establish one of the first business-class churches in Katmandu. He and his wife have now been conducting a special fellowship of business-class Nepalese on Saturday afternoons, the Nepalese day of worship.

Since most Christian converts are farmers and common laborers, it has been difficult to penetrate into the business sector due to ostracism by the Hindu business community.

This ministry fits the core directives of WorldVenture by partnering with nationals in restricted-access countries among the least-reached and most responsive--Nepalese Hindus.

The church planter's greatest difficulty right now is transportation. Since the meeting hall is completely bare, they need to borrow chairs every Saturday. Also they need several musical instruments and eventually a portable sound system. They also need assistance to supplement what they are now paying to rent the hall until the giving is sufficient to cover their rental costs.

This fund will raise money for:
--a vehicle ($3,000
--music instruments and sound equipment ($1,500)
--monthly meeting hall rental ($100)
--chairs ($300)



Nepal, Southern Asia