6485-906-Bloom International

Bloom International will be a project beginning in Guayaquil and, Lord willing, reproduced in various other parts of the country. The project will provide respite care for victims of sexual abuse and/or exploitation as well as long-term assistance with families and victims. We will work in partnership with Peace and Hope International to provide holistic, Christ-centered care for victims.

Ecuador has a high percentage of sexual abuse throughout the country, with the highest incidence of abuse in Guayaquil. The country is tier-two on the UN trafficking in persons watch list, and without intervention and major changes it will be only a matter of time before they are moved to tier-three.

In partnership with Peace and Hope International, we seek to assist victims through respite/rescue care, provision of basic needs, counseling, and education in a Christ-centered environment.

Bloom International will also be working to raise awareness within communities and train church leaders and laymen in sex abuse prevention. The project will be directly connected to Semilla De Mostaza, a church in Loja, as well as other churches in that church-planting movement as well.

Peace and Hope will care for the judicial aspect of each case in hopes to bring about justice for the victim and change in the society. This will be the first and only work of this kind in the city of Guayaquil.



Ecuador, South America