6485-904-Compassion Guayaquil

The Compassion Guayaquil Equador project consists of compassion ministries for human trafficking victims and for children who have lived or are living on the streets.



Ecuador, South America

The Problem
Seven out of ten children in this ministry have previously been exploited for financial gain. Ministries in the area working with children or in very poor areas survive day-to-day by contributions. With the current economic downturn, it has been a struggle to buy even basic necessities.

Our Vision
This project is a practical way churches and supporters (schools, clubs, etc.) can participate in ministry, sharing Christ's love tangibly. When possible, the goal is to establish healthy family relationships so children can return home.

Our Strategy
The many needs include food purchases, medical equipment and costs, school fees, clothing, materials for evangelism, shelter and housing, community development, family ministry, and staff development.

Things Needed for Success
Cost of one school uniform: $30
School materials for one child: $40
A week's supply of food for 30 children: $125
Ten Bibles: $100
Anti-parasite medication for one child: $5
Mosquito net: $10
Construction of one room in new building (to house 30 more boys): $2,500