6483-901-Robledo Children

Project Robledo has been established to reach the children and their families in a very poor area of Medellin, Colombia.



Colombia, South America

The Problem
Colombia has a long history of drugs, guerrilla warfare, paramilitary groups, etc. The children have seen tremendous violence against family and friends at a very young age. As a result, many of them have vowed to seek revenge when they are of age. Children living in poverty often seek to assist or are forced to assist their families by earning income. Many of the children from this area, through the years, have ended up living and working in the streets either for prostitution or gangs.

Our Vision
Leaders are being developed and grace is extended through providing English language resources, preaching the gospel, counseling, and mentoring.

Our Strategy
With a desire to stop this "normal" progression to the streets, we are intentionally building into the lives of 12 young children in this neighborhood. Through weekly English and Bible classes, the gospel is shared and relationships are gradually developed with the children's families.

Things Needed for Success
Annual needs include:
--Craft supplies for $120
--Books for $100
--Paper/pencils/etc. for $240
--Gifts and prizes for $1,200
--Food for $480
--Family dinner two times a year for $250
--Gas for $260