6480-901-Ripple Effect-Costa Rica BAM Initiative

Project Ripple Effect (PRE) is the development of a business in San José, Costa Rica. This business is designed to be a for-profit Business as Missions (BAM) endeavor.



Costa Rica, Central America

The Problem
Although BAM produces profits once running, funds are needed for start-up expenses.

Our Vision
The two-fold purpose of this project is to develop an avenue of transformation through business in San José and to provide hands-on training and education to Latino missionaries seeking to start BAM endeavors in the unreached world.

Our Strategy
PRE multiplies followers of Jesus through the model of BAM and cultivates international partnerships by providing BAM support and education to Costa Rican (and other Latino) missions agencies and movements focused on the unreached (specifically the Muslim World). As a final objective, this initiative hopes to engage the business professional community in the US and Costa Rican church, inspiring them to use their gifts and talents for the kingdom. PRE is designed to be self-sustaining in the long run.

Things Needed for Success
The business will need $2,000-$3,000 to meet legal and governmental requirements. A further $10,000 will provide for equipment and initial expenses. The first few months of operations will also need $7,000.