RussiaWorship, a Russian-registered, non-profit organization, is an international partnership with Russians and ex-patriots from various churches, denominations and mission organizations.Funds from this project will be used for initial start-up funds, production costs for a music CD and copies and salaries.



Russia, Western Europe

Our Vision
The partnership is focused on assisting leaders and musicians in Russian-speaking churches in creating an atmosphere that enables people to worship God in spirit and truth.

Our Strategy
ICFM is international in nature in that the board and staff are made up of both nationals and ex-patriots who are members of various churches, denominations, and mission agencies.

Things Needed for Success
Some of the costs associated with this project are:
--$30,000 for start-up and initial budget for first year
--$400 for production cost of one song on the first CD project
--$50 one month's salary for each part-time position of Financial Manager, Administrative Assistant, and Webmaster
--$12 for one CD of 10 songs for qualifying churches and/or church musicians