6473-905-Scholarship Fund

This project provides funds to promising young people in India for training in theology or professional fields.



India, Southern Asia

The Problem
Those selected are too poor to receive training on their own and are interested in helping the church.

Our Vision
The funds would go to training deserving candidates among the poor in the area of theology. Part of our mission is to give the poor a trade or a profession, so the training would be geared to their needs.

Our Strategy
We have set up an endowment/fixed deposit fund so that the interest earned can provide meaningful scholarship on an ongoing basis.

Things Needed for Success
If we are able to put $50,000 on a Fixed Deposit that earns 6% a year in India, we would have available for use $3,000 per year to help needy students. This could work our to eight full-time theological students per year.