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Myanmar, South-Eastern Asia

The Problem
There are over 18 million children in Thailand, over 23 million in Myanmar, over 492 million children in India, and if we look at all the children in the world, there are 2.3 billion children! Two thirds of these children have not yet had an oportunity to hear about Jesus. How do we tell them? Also two thirds of children are living in at risk situations. How do we reach them? Eighty-six percent of Christians pray to receive Christ before the age of 15 and children are some of the best at reaching their friends with the gospel. Children are strategic. How do we equip them?

The 1for50 strategy is to train local leaders to do the job well. We share free, open-source training resources, ongoing support, coaching, and networking as well as diligenlty communitcating the vision, advocating for children, and sharing God's passion and priority for them.

Our Vision
To evangelize the peoples of the world, to equip leaders, and encourage missions movements.

Our Strategy
In 2008, leaders from 80 nations gathered to ask this question: How do we reach children in every community all around the world so that they follow Jesus for a lifetime? Since then, the 1for50 movement was born. The 1for50 dream is to see every child in every community all around the world have someone that can help them know and follow Jesus for a lifetime. The vision is equip one children's worker for every 50 children. As a global network, regional and local implentation of this movement is were the action happens. The Myanmar 1for50 team is committed to sharing resources, working in Myanmar, out of Myanmar, and beyond Myanmar with other like-hearted individuals, churches, organizations, and networks, and supporting each other until the task is finished.

Funds needed:
The ongoing maintenance of the free resource-sharing website ($200/year).
The hidden logistical costs of the annual conference ($2,200/year).
Scholarships for strategic partners to participate in the global conference ($2,500/year).
Translation of free, open-source training materials into additional Myanmar languages ($100/year).

Things Needed for Success
The global 1for50 movement is healthy when local leaders have embraced the vision and incorporated it into their ministry. Local trainings have costs to them (printing of materials, participant transportation, site costs, and meals for participants), but these costs are best absorbed by the local community carying the burden of reaching the kids in their own community. However, as the local and global movements interface, there are other financial needs that arise. Each year, we fascilitate a global conference to inspire, network, and equip each other with new ideas and skills for helping even more children come to know the life-changing love of Jesus. We maintain a website for the sharing of free, open-source resources, and we have monthly global team meetings with a core facilitation team assessing and evaluating the outcomes of where the vision has been planted.