6462-976-Nyarafolo Church Assistance

This project provides starter funds for Nyarafolo church members in Tiepogovogo to implement their strategy of growing extra corn to cover the basic food needs of their pastor. Additional revenue will then be used for the following growing season, and to assist other churches interested in implementing the same concept.

Political and military strife have severely damaged the economy in Tiepogovogo, Côte d’Ivoire. This has made it difficult for the church to be able to support its pastor.

The church will put money aside from the harvest of corn to be able to help other churches do the same thing as they seek ways, in addition to their tithes, to bring in adequate money to fund their churches' needs.

Church members should have enough corn to sell for revenue that will purchase the fertilizer and herbicide needed for the next year, contribute to the church budget, and save for the future so that this church will be able to help another church in the same way.

Forty members have agreed to set aside about one acre of their own land for this purpose and the church has set up a committee to oversee the implantation and continued functioning of this project. A total of $4,208 is needed for a team of oxen, an ox cart, fertilizer, and herbicide.