6462-966-Nyarafolo Translation

This project provides funds for the translation and distribution of the Bible in the African language of Nyarafolo.



Cote d'Ivoire, Western Africa

The Problem
The Nyarafolo still need a translation of the Bible completed in their own mother-tongue language.

Our Vision
Having the Bible in Nyarafolo will help establish the Nyarafolo church and train its leadership. Along with literacy and training in using the Word of God, the Nyarafolo themselves will have the opportunity to read and interact with the Scriptures.

Our Strategy
With a trained and equipped Nyarafolo team for translation and literacy, the mother-tongue speakers will eventually be able to work with only supervision and consultant help.

Things Needed for Success
Expenses include training a Nyarafolo translation and literacy team, producing literature, purchasing equipment, paying for a facility, salaries and office expenses.