6462-937-Community Health Torogo

The medical workers in Côte d’Ivoire wish to help people where they are in their homes and villages through health teaching and counseling.



Cote d'Ivoire, Western Africa

The Problem
The people of Côte d’Ivoire are in need of good physical health as well as the emotional stability and spiritual well-being God desires for each person.

Our Vision
The hope is that through this service opportunities will rise to share the gospel and eventually plant churches among these people.

Our Strategy
An estimated $10,000 per year is needed to cover the costs of training, supplies, transportation, research and development, and publicity, among other things.

Things Needed for Success
The projected expenses in 2002-2003 totaled $9,570, including expenses of: salaries support, personnel training and retirement, transportation, village infrastructure subsidy, reception and publicity, web and email, and research and development.