6460-905-Bangladesh Jesus Film Outreaches

We purchased two good projectors from Campus Crusade, including the Jesus film and a health film. Through two- to four-day excursions, our national teams have experienced great success in terms of building relationships and in actual conversions to Christ through these efforts.

Of the near 75,000 villages in Bangladesh, many have not received an adequate witness of the gospel. We strive to work where no one else is ministering.

We need money for travel, setup, fuel for the generator, etc.

We seek to establish the ultimate vision of Bangladesh Evangelical Church through showing the Jesus film and other social awareness films and making follow-up evangelism.

Our brothers and sisters have outlined an extended plan to show the Jesus film to many unevangelized in this Muslim nation. These men and women literally place their lives at risk in these bold evangelistic outreaches. They are willing to proceed, in faith and in boldness, but they lack the financial means to accomplish this.

We can continue at an achievable rate with approximately $800 per year invested in this type of evangelism. A year of honorariums for the Jesus film team members will be about $4,500 and for the follow-up team, $2,500. The travel allowance is $2,000. Fuel and maintenance of the generator will cost $1,200 per year, and tracts, Bibles, and New Testaments for distribution will cost another $1,200. The pastor's honorarium for a year costs $3,200. Finally other operational costs will be approximately $1,000.



Bangladesh, Central Asia