6460-904-Bangladesh Honorariums for Pastors

There is currently no WorldVenture missionary in-country. In the past two years alone, national leaders have engaged several thousand non-believers in relationship evangelism and are seeing 400 to 500 come to Christ as the Lord enables.



Bangladesh, Central Asia

The Problem
We need to expand by planting new churches to disciple the believers. The converts typically are very poor and cannot fully support a pastor, nor do they yet understand the discipline and blessing of giving.

Our Vision
The national leaders go beyond what Americans can legally and otherwise accomplish as the Lord enables.

Our Strategy
We now have some new ministerial candidates receiving training and we need to provide support for them as they begin to work full-time for the Lord.

Things Needed for Success
Stipends for town or city pastors and evangelists are $80-$100. A village pastor's stipend is $60.