6460-902-Bangladesh Construction

As of October 2013, we now have two properties which have modest church buildings on them. We have held our medical clinics in these buildings on three occasions. Future plans are to start some schools in the existing church structures for the community.



Bangladesh, Central Asia

The Problem
We currently lack about $600 to complete the evangelist quarters addition and toilet. Second, Muslims in the community have been seeking to take over a portion of our small property since there is no appropriate boundary wall. Also, our church well has been vandalized and capped off for a few years since we have no fence. It is used to draw water for baptism and serves the entire village.

Our Vision
These projects work to establish churches, evangelize neighboring villages, and extend grace in terms of clean drinking water and other facilities.

Things Needed for Success
We need $600 for the construction of the evangelist quarters and toilet. A boundary wall for an earlier church project would cost about $2,600. The well could be repaired for $200.