6454-906-Syrian Refugee Ministries

There are currently 2 million refugees in Lebanon a country of only 4 million people. Many come with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. Housing and employment are a desperate struggle and many depend on the aid of the UN, NGOs and religious organizations to literally stay alive. In partnership with Ras Beirut Baptist Church, we are helping meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of upwards of 1400 refugee families.

The stories of how they arrived are tragic enough. The family who fled ISIS but had to leave elderly parents behind because they were unable to travel, only find out later that the house they fled was blasted to bits by an airstrike. The father who beat his child unconscious so that he wouldn't cry and draw the attention of the snipers at the border. They left behind homes, gardens, schools, jobs, families and friends and find themselves relying on the mercy of strangers for their next meal.

The needs for many are basic. Food vouchers, cooked meals, clothes, mattresses, blankets, diapers, medicine and rent money are distributed monthly to those most in need. But the need is great and there is never enough to go around.

To help equip the Lebanese church to be the hands and feet of Christ to one of the most vulnerable and desperate populations: refugees fleeing violence, persecution and death.

The Church has an incredible opportunity to reach a group of people that were previously unreachable. When refugees stumble across the border from Syria or Iraq into Lebanon and are met with open, loving arms, with food, clothes, toys and medicine, all in the name of Jesus, they can't help but be intrigued. While many are happy to take whatever help they can get and be on their way, others are desperate to know more of the source of the joy that causes one to give so generously. By first meeting the physical and emotional needs of the desperate, spiritual opportunities abound.

Refugees are given the opportunity to hear the gospel through Discovery Bible Study, regular worship meetings, a children's music class, and through one on one relationships. Dozens and dozens of refugees are now followers of Christ because of the love shown to them. As one young mother said, “No one would ever say that war is a good thing. Never. But on the other hand, if I hadn't been forced to come here, I never would have gone into a church. I never would have met Jesus.€”

So many have seen horrors and lived through atrocities many of us could never dream of. And it was Jesus who met them in the valley of the shadow of death, offering a peace that passes all understanding and a joy that only a relationship with Christ can bring.

Gifts given are used to provide refugees with food vouchers, home cooked meals, winterization items such as blankets, mattresses, heaters and gas, rent money, school tuition, medical expenses and more.

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