6454-904-International Theological Education/Leadership

This project seeks to encourage and provide expertise for existing and emerging theological training programs throughout the world. Funds will be used for travel expenses; professional training seminars for presidents, academic deans and other institutional leaders; and consultancy opportunities for schools throughout the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa and South America. Funds will also be used to support a national coordinator/assistant who will follow-up on the multiple ministry opportunities presented through this project.

Leaders of evangelical theological schools and leaders of theological school networks, particularly those in developing countries, seek assistance to become much more effective in their preparation of leaders for evangelical churches and ministries worldwide.

The International Council for Evangelical Theological Education exists to help its member networks better serve their member schools.

In the Middle East, visiting each member school of MEATE costs $2,500. Another $2,500 covers visiting emerging training programs in North Africa and the Arabian Gulf to assist and encourage them in developing effective leadership in and for their areas. Hiring a Lebanese assistant/coordinator for the follow-up and implementation of needs across the region costs $5,000 per year.

In Eastern Europe, it costs $1,500 to provide consultancy and assistance when visiting various central and eastern European theological schools. Financing extra work hours for our current assistant/coordinator located in Italy is $1,000.

For international teaching and consultancy, teaching trips to train academic deans in Asia, Africa, and South America costs $5,000. Assisting regional theological networks in think tanks and consultancy is $2,500. Financing extra work hours for the Lebanese assistant for the Middle East in also working for the international ministry is also $2,500.

Finally, other various expenses amount to about $2,500.



Lebanon, Western Asia