6454-901-Children of Tahaddi

Educational and medical ministries are the two main foci of the "Tahaddi" ministry. Funds will be used for a school, where unschooled students can take literacy classes, medical dispensary, kid's clubs, and summer camp.



Lebanon, Western Asia

The Problem
Those who live in the shantytown in which Tahaddi ministries is working in are the poorest of the poor.

Our Vision
In a 100% Muslim area of Beirut, this ministry gives practical witness of Christ.

Things Needed for Success
Literacy classes for one child cost $240 per school year. The school building rental, maintenance, and utilities cost $9,000. The school supplies and materials are an additional $3,000.

The dispensary needs medicines and supplies, costing $2,600. Referrals and services cost $1,200. The dispensary rental is $1,800, and team members' stipends are $2,000.

The kids' clubs amount to $2,000 per year, and the summer camp costs $3,000 to run.