6448-907-Translation/Printing Biblical Training Book on Marriage

We have recently written and published a book on the Biblical basis for marriage, called "It Started in the Garden" by Tim and Mary Lou Tiner. The book was written in English but the goal is to translate and publish the book into Arabic and German.



United States, Northern America

The Problem
In many of the countries where we work, especially in the Middle East, the national leaders are very poor. We hope to make this material available either free or for a small cost. There is a real need for solid, Biblical training in the Middle East on the vital area of marriage, especially for leaders.

Our Vision
We believe that in order to equip national leaders for ministry, we must also teach them about God's design for a healthy marriage. We believe that a leader must have a solid, healthy marriage to have an effective ministry.

Our Strategy
We often lead marriage seminars in the Middle East and Europe. We have seen marriage seminars be a great outreach tool for evangelism. Understanding God's design for marriage helps individuals see the Gospel message beautifully portrayed by Christ's love for His bride, the Church.

A German translator is donating his time and skill for the project. Part of this fund would provide an honorarium for him. An Arabic translator must be paid for the project. In addition, a Spanish translation is being planned. With the translations completed, the books will be published.

Things Needed for Success
Translation cost: $10,000
Publishing cost: $5,000