6445-918-New Missionaries

Seeking to recruit team members who will best add to the present team and help us and the prospective applicants decide if this field is the best fit for them, we would like to offer a project which could help those invited to visit the Ireland Field.

Bringing potential missionaries to the field will encourage them in their decision-making process to take the next steps in fulfilling God's purposes for them. We feel it’s important to see a place before making a long-term commitment. This project will give us a way to help recruit the right people to serve in Ireland.

Wanting to help people decide what God has for them in this life, we ask that our brothers and sisters give to this project. The call to evangelize the world is still with us today. Here in Ireland there is a great need for missionaries to be involved in the process of starting new churches.

We are looking for great people to commit to doing God’s work for a good portion of their lives.

This project would serve as a vehicle through which 1) funds could be raised by a person/family not yet appointed to WorldVenture in order to make a vision trip or 2) we, as a Field, could raise funds to help a person/family make a vision trip.

One flight from the US to Ireland: $1,200
Room and board while here (per person, per day): $60
Transportation while here, per day: $15



Ireland, Western Europe