6439-908-Youth Prague

The purpose of the project is to help fund strategic youth ministries in Prague, Czech Republic, to Czechs, international third culture kids (TCKs) and missionary kids (MKs).



Czech Republic, Eastern Europe

The Problem
The Czech Republic is the most atheistic country in Europe. Yet after decades of communism and consumerism, the people are spiritually hungry. Children and youth, especially, are open to connecting with the Christian community through activities offered by Youth Prague.

Our Vision
Our hope and prayer is that as these ministries grow, many more Czech and international kids will become committed followers of Jesus Christ, helping to advance WorldVenture's first worldwide objective.

Our Strategy
Youth Prague serves over fifty 12- to 18-year-olds on a weekly basis through large group events, small group Bible studies, outreach projects and retreats.

Things Needed for Success
Some ways to help fund Youth Prague are:
--Youth Prague rent: $100
--Youth Prague retreat: $200
--Youth Prague outreach events: $500
--Holiday Bible Club supplies: $100
--MK camp rent and supplies: $600
--Staff costs: $4,000