6433-902-KTS Building Fund

WorldVenture has partnered with Kiev Theological Seminary (KTS) since its inception in 1996 to train leaders in Ukraine.

Ukraine remains a land of hundreds of empty pulpits and thousands of villages without an evangelical church. The Lord has given KTS vast vision and ample opportunities, both of which dwarf the school's current facilities. The current lack of facilities has resulted in the need to be creative in how they accommodate their students. Currently the library serves as a classroom. Desks line the hallway to the dining room. Everyone dons heavy hats, gloves and jackets to sit in the lecture hall during the winter.

Despite the cramped quarters, they express their appreciation for the opportunity to study and better understand the Word, to go home prepared to serve and evangelize.

After carefully seeking the Lord's will, the KTS Board of Directors launched a substantial expansion in 2004. Many donors gave sacrificially to kick-start this project.

Four years later, despite rampant inflation, workers have completed the skeleton of a five-story, four-tower building. Today, KTS has a unique opportunity to finish one major section of the enclosed building. KTS has been offered a $450,000 matching grant. If this generous offer is met, KTS can complete one tower in the new building. If KTS does not receive $450,000 by December 31, 2008, the school and the Ukrainian church will miss this opportunity.

Every dollar up to the $450k upper limit will be match if receive before the deadline.



Ukraine, Eastern Europe