6431-905-Parchment Project

The Parchment Project for the Bible is a tool to be used for evangelism & discipleship. In 2014, the first phase of the project makes the New Testament accessible on In 2015, the second phase will include the Old Testament.

Essentially, the Parchment Project reduces the intimidation associated with reading, understanding and teaching an entire book of the Bible. It accomplishes this with a layout for 17 books that only uses two facing pages each per book.

When this special project is fully funded, any of these 17 books can be downloaded as a pdf file and printed onto 2 sheets of paper, either US letter-size or A4 international. The 10 longer books can be printed out according to their literary sections.

For many years, the printed edition has proven to be a useful format for training leaders to study, teach and preach entire books of the Bible in Belgium. People of peace, who desire to learn about God, will be able to download and read books with discretion, if need be.
The website will make the pdf files more accessible to people in Brussels, around Belgium and beyond on the world wide web.

The Parchment Project makes a better Bible reading and Bible study experience by placing entire books in a full view format.

The has received non-commercial permission from Biblica to offer each book of the New Testament for the following 3 versions: NIV-USA, NIV-UK, and the popular French translation, La Bible du Semeur. The website will include a summary of each book as well as lessons for studying the Bible inductively.

Two thousand dollars are needed for the non-commercial permission from Biblica for two years and an additional $1000 to build and maintain the website.



Belgium, Western Europe