6423-917-NEGST Toolbox

NEGST Toolbox will assist the maintenance department of Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (NEGST). The funds received will be used for the purchase and upkeep of lawn care, housekeeping and construction equipment/tools.



Kenya, Eastern Africa

The Problem
At present, expansions in curricula and programs are taking place alongside struggles in cash flow.

Our Vision
As NEGST flourishes through wise use of its assets, evangelists, church planters, leaders and missionaries in increasing numbers are trained and sent out into Africa.

Our Strategy
Important equipment is an economic boon to the struggling school, increasing efficiency and self-sufficiency. The property is useful and developed for residential education, but it also profits the school as a for-hire wedding and celebration venue that requires consistent care.

With the new maintenance items, jobs will be easier and quicker, upgrading the appearance of the campus. This will increase its attraction to many possible users of the facilities, which will improve the cash flow and NEGST as a whole.

Things Needed for Success
Immediate needs include mowers, a floor buffing machine and a small tractor/attachments. Monetary Breakdown:
-Massey Ferguson or similar tractor, used: $15,000
-Tractor attachments: $5,000
-Floor machine: $1,600
-Refrigerators: 30 for $250 each
-Shower mixers: 30 at $145 each
-Lawnmowers: $725