6422-912-North Africa Venture: Cultural Center

Many North Africans come to Malaga, Spain, looking for work. The North African Venture: Cultural Center will provide a place where North Africans can learn practical skills that will assist them in attaining jobs in Spain. Funds will be used for rent on the facilities, salary, utilities, and equipment to run the center.



Spain, Western Europe

Our Vision
The staff seek to build relationships with these workers and share the love of Christ with them.

Our Strategy
The leader of this project is a North African who has come out of Islam, understanding well the mindset and values of these people. He has formed a team of people who are excited about sharing Christ's love with North Africans. This project is a practical and legitimate way for them to do that.

Things Needed for Success
Rent for the facilities is $6,000. Salary for a person to run the center is $6,000. Utilities, expenses, and equipment add up to $7,200.