6422-908-National Workers for North Africa Ministry

This project focuses on supporting national workers, both Spanish and North African, who reach out to North Africans through the ministry of Arabic radio programs and correspondence courses. These workers will also develop relationships with North Africans through a community center.



Spain, Western Europe

Our Strategy
The primary beneficiaries of this fund will be Muslim-background believers from North Africa who are in the ministry reaching out to their own people in their own language. The secondary beneficiaries will be Spanish nationals who are involved in the ministry of reaching out to their former enemies from North Africa through community center ministry, Bible distribution, and correspondence courses.

Things Needed for Success
Yearly salary for North African radio worker: $9,000
Yearly salary for North African correspondence and follow-up worker: $9,000
Yearly salary for North African or Spanish community center worker: $9,000
Yearly salary for North African or Spanish worker in both the community center and the Bible correspondence course center: $9,000