6421-908-Theological Education School Fund

With the growing constituency of Taiwan's churches, one of the challenges is having enough qualified teachers for the Bible college level of education. The scholarship funds raised for this project will be used to supplement 1/6 of the tuition for faculty members who are pursuing a doctor of ministries degree.

The college aims to improve the effectiveness of the national faculty while going through a time of evaluation and reconstruction. The college is looking for better ways to serve not only the constituency of the church association but also ways to partner with other like-minded groups to share resources for the Kingdom of God.

The training of new faculty becomes even more important as the school considers expansion into an international training center for non-Taiwanese students and as those within Taiwan become interested in missions outside of Taiwan.

The Taiwan church association and various churches will also contribute to the support of the professors to enhance the effectiveness of the training program at the Bible college in Hsilo, Taiwan. It is hoped that one faculty member will get an advanced degree every five years through this program.

The total cost for one year in the D.Min. program at Logos Seminary in Los Angeles (in Taiwanese/Mandarin) is approximately $36,000.



Taiwan, Eastern Asia